I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

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The overlap between science fiction geeks and political journalists is notoriously thick. For an usually public example of those interests colliding, note this AFP story from yesterday:

“This morning I was with the vice president. I was asking him what costume he was planning. And he said ‘I’m already wearing it.’ Then he mumbled something about ‘the dark side of the Force,'” Bush quipped.


It was unclear whether Bush or Cheney’s pop-culture knowledge included the fact that, at the end of the saga, Vader redeems himself and saves his son by hurling the evil emperor Palpatine to his death, at the cost of his own life.

Notes a friend, “the scenario is further complicated by the fact that, in this case, Darth Vader and the Emperor are actually the same person.”

UPDATE: This is not quite as bad as tying them to the roof his car, but Cheney isn’t getting any PETA awards for dressing his pet up as this:


She’s all, “Why don’t you just waterboard me and get it over with?”