2008: Wake Us Up When It Gets Here…

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A new survey by the Pew Research Center for The People & The Press finds this about the 2008 presidential campaign:

The public’s overall impression of the presidential campaign is that it is too long and not very interesting. Overall, 66% say the campaign is too long, while 55% describe it as dull. Just 37% say they think the campaign is interesting.

One thing that is interesting, however, is a partisan divide. The poll finds that Democrats, by and large, are much more engaged–and engaging:

Overall, 81% can name a Democratic candidate unprompted, with 78% volunteering
Clinton’s name and 62% Obama’s. By contrast, 59% could name any Republican candidate.
Giuliani is the best known Republican candidate, with 45% of the public naming him.
Even among Republicans, Clinton and Obama are much more visible than Giuliani or any other GOP presidential candidate. When asked to name any Democratic presidential candidate, 79% of Republicans named Clinton and 60% mentioned Obama. Asked for the name of a GOP candidate, 57% of Republicans named Giuliani. No other Republican candidate was mentioned by even half of Republicans.