Congratulations to Ana!

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For coming in second runner-up in tonight’s 14th annual Funniest Celebrity in Washington Contest. She placed behind first runner-up Senator Arlen Specter (who got extra points from the judges for working blue) and winner Joseph Randazzo of The Onion. (Wait–The Onion. Shouldn’t that disqualify him as a professional?) And, yes, I was a judge, but I was as unbiased as the United States Supreme Court, and her schtick was even funnier onstage than it was in the cab on the way over. Or maybe it was the wine. Whatever.

UPDATE: My bad. I neglected to mention the Honorable Mention won by C-SPAN’s Robb Harlston, who was the only contestant to do the requisite Larry Craig portion of his routine with a piece of toilet paper trailing from the back of his pants. Also, just about everyone’s act got interrupted by a cell phone call from Judith Giuliani. Who says Washington runs on Groupthink?