The Littlest Swiftboat

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  • Read Later has gotten heavily involved in trying to save SCHIP, and they’re having a series of rallies in support of the measure tomorrow, including one right on the Hill at 5. It will feature an appearance, says a press release, by “two and a half year old Bethany whose life was saved by surgery her family wouldn’t have been able to afford without S-CHIP.”

Of course, I read on some conservative blog that Bethany has at least two dollies. TWO! And what about that “tea party,” she held, huh? HOW CAN THEY NOT AFFORD HEALTH CARE YET STILL AFFORD INVISIBLE PRETEND TEA!?!?!?!?!

Her story is presented in this video; I leave it to others to Google how much her adorable red outfit costs and to determine if frolicking by the ocean is something reserved for the upper middle class: