Edwards to Take Matching Funds

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This means he also has to stay within the federal election system’s spending limits, which could make it far more difficult to compete against such deep-pocketed rivals as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. (He is the first top-tier Democrat to do that; on the Republican side, John McCain expects to do the same.) Edwards insists this is not because he can’t raise the dough. From an interview with CNN:

“This is not about a money calculation,” Edwards told CNN senior political correspondent Candy Crowley on his way to an event in Durham, North Carolina. “This is about taking a stand, a principled stand, and I believe in public financing.”

He also says Clinton and Obama should do the same:

“First of all, I got the money I need to run a serious campaign,” he said. “I hope that the other two will join me. As I’ve said, Sen. Clinton said she is for public financing so she can step forward and show she actually means it.”