Daily Jumble: SCHIP-Free Edition

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• If the Webb Amendment was “unconstitutional,” what’s this: “Army Chief of Staff George W. Casey Jr… intends to move as quickly as possible to grant soldiers more relief from the war zone, having argued that the troop rotations of 15 months in combat and 12 months at home — required by the buildup of U.S. forces in Iraq and the conflict in Afghanistan — are ‘not sustainable’ for the Army.” [WP]

• Breaking news from the NYT: “Front-Runner Is a Status Vulnerable to Change”! Everyone, quick, put your socks back on so they can be blown off again: the “Democratic presidential contest these days is to a considerable degree being defined by and around Mrs. Clinton,” [breaking! again] but, “front-runner” is “a designation that is often based on the most tenuous of evidence and one that often proves to be wrong.” To be fair, i think the idea that Hillary is not ALREADY president will comes as news to most people at the Times. [NYT]

• GOP’s awkward pandering to values voters does two things: “It distracts voters’ attention from the Republican top tier’s inability to offer any sound alternative to the Bush White House’s disastrous prosecution of the Iraq war. And it neatly leverages the media’s lack of curiosity about policy and genuine ideological debate into dreary who-did-what-when anatomies of gaffes and flubbed pandering opportunities that is to political analysis what plane-spotting is to high-energy physics.” Hmm, who could he be talking about…. [NYO]

• Talk about not breaking through in the marketplace of ideas: “The National Republican Congressional Committee recently launched a series of Web videos titled “Rediscover Your Party.'” Oh, where to begin to look! Perhaps public restrooms… [CQ]

• Gilbert Arenas has competition in the most awesome NBA blogger category:


His name is Charles Barkley McLovin and he is my new dog.

He is… McLovin.