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I Love Mickey When He’s Picky

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Mickey Kaus sidles to the defense of Drudge here. What neither Mickey nor Drudge seems to understand is that Clinton wasn’t proposing proof of health insurance as a requirement for work, but merely speculating on the sort of details that would be worked out in Congress.

Two other thoughts about this: First, the simplest way to establish proof that you’ve got health insurance is the way they’re doing it in Massachusetts–you have to include your insurance policy number, just like your social security number, on your income tax form.

On the other hand, a system that required new employees to provide their health insurance info to their bosses is one that might make life more difficult for illegal immigrants–which should make Kaus happy, since he’s obsessed with the foreign hordes.

Drudge’s intent is clear. He wants the Clinton plan to seem draconian and weird. Mickey’s intent is less clear…Is he opposed to the Clinton plan or could this be another case of niggling contrarian snark?

And furthermore: Is Mickey like, unaware, of Drudge’s historic role as first-source purveyor of right-wing smears?