Daily Jumble: Putin Parliment Parliament Free Edition

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+ Will Cindy Adams be the Judy Miller of the DC Madam case? If so, does that make David Vitter Scooter Libby? [Radar]

+ Craig’s defense: “Sen. Craig is not a lawyer and, like any other non-lawyer, should not be expected to understand the intricacies of constitutional law.” I, for one, believe him. Just look at his voting record. [Star Tribune]

+ Is the Iraq war making us safer? No. I mean yes. I mean, I don’t know. You want the truth? Oh, no? Ah. [NYDN]

+ Code Pink, MoveOn to protest Democrats as well as Republican lawmakers. Democrats’ response: “Thank you.” [CQ]

+ Sobering NYT article about Iraqi person-on-the-street reaction to Petraeus report suggests that Iraqis are more rational, more articulate than anyone else involved in the debate: “Religion has nothing to do with government,” says one interviewee on the need for a non-sectarian government, “Religion is in my heart.” Also: “Violence could erupt at any moment if the Americans leave. The ones who do these terrible things are asleep, not gone. They are waiting for the opportunity, just waiting for the opportunity to eat one another.” [NYT]

+ Norman Hsu, international man of mystery! “I don’t know how he became involved in the Clinton campaign,” McAuliffe said. “I’ve never asked the man for a check.” [WP]

UPDATE: Thanks as always to the spellchecker.