Daily Jumble: Hsu (Not-So) Free Edition

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• DC judge marvels at government’s baffling, not wide, stance when it comes to sharing classified material: “Notwithstanding the clearance obtained, it has become apparent that the Executive will not grant the clerk access to the classified declarations filed here, at least not in the absence of vociferous resistance from this judicial officer. This stance is baffling and has been significantly disruptive to the court’s review of this matter.” [WP]

• Thompson’s creepy campaign slogan: “Security, Prosperity and Unity.” Reviews from first day in Iowa are mixed: “Asked afterwards what he thought about the answer Fett said he wished he could say he was satisfied. ‘I think I caught him by surprise.'” Related: “He reminds me a lot of Ronald Reagan.” [Hotline. Ambinder]

• I think Gen. Jones is right: “The Iraqi security forces, as a whole, cannot yet defend the territorial integrity of Iraq…This is not necessarily an alarming conclusion.” It’s terrifying. [NYT]

• If you’re wondering why the decision to strike down National Security Letters reads like “an eighth-grade civics lesson, describ[ing] why the framers of the Constitution created three separate but equal branches of government and delegated to the judiciary to say what the law is and to protect the Constitution and the rights it gives citizens,” that may be because the administration that pushed for NSLs needs an eighth grade civics lesson. [AP]

• I’m finding the spectacle of conservative bloggers wringing their hands over the lack of a “right-wing Kos” immensely entertaining. You know why the right hasn’t bubbled up an insurgent activist community? Because until recently, the right was in power. Thanks to CraigIraqGonzalesPatriotActBushSpending, conservatives might find their “Kos” very, very soon. Be careful what you wish for, guys. [NewsBusters]

• I would have guessed that Obama would be the coolest: “Among 316 Democrats, Clinton averages at 71.6°, Obama at 69.1°, and Edwards at 64.3°.” [Pollster]

• Finally, hey, Bush TOLD us to go shopping… [Hugh Hewitt]