Re: Not now, not ever…

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The point is being made elsewhere, but it’s probably worth repeating here:

Republicans want Larry Craig to go, and soon.

This is, politically, a very different situation from that of Louisiana Senator David Vitter, who showed up on the DC Madam’s list, and not just because of the party’s stance on gay rights issues. Next year’s electoral map could hardly be worse for Republicans, who will be defending 22 Senate seats against the Democrats’ 12. If Vitter were to resign, his replacement would be picked by a Democratic Governor. (And, let’s face it, Louisana voters have been known to overlook an ethical lapse here and there in their elected officials.) In Idaho, it would be done by a Republican Governor, Butch Otter.

Idaho is such a staunchly Republican state–Bush carried it 67-28% over Gore in 2000 and 68-30% over occasional Idaho resident John Kerry in 2004–that the only way the seat would conceivably be in danger is if Craig tries to hold on to it.