His Own Private Idaho No More

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Over at Slate, former Clinton White House domestic policy chief (and Coeur d’Alene native) Bruce Reed tells us that panic has gripped his home state:

My hometown paper, the North Idaho Press—one of the most Republican newspapers in the state—called on Craig to resign in a scathing editorial titled, “Trust violated, there is no future, Senator.” The Press said it had reached that conclusion not as a moral judgment on the allegations against Craig, nor because of “his tepid stance in the Iraq War or his unpopular support of President Bush’s proposed immigration reform,” but because “the people of Idaho cannot trust their most powerful representative in the nation’s capital.”

But another story on the front page of the Press poses an even bigger hurdle for Craig: Now Idahoans might start blaming him every time they need to find a bathroom.

The Press warns residents about a notorious rest stop that police have been watching for years. Here’s the lede:

“People are scrutinizing public restrooms in light of U.S. Sen. Larry Craig’s arrest and conviction in Minneapolis this summer. And close to home, it’s not a pretty sight. Motorists taking a break at the Huetter rest stop between Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls might want to think twice before venturing near the men’s restroom.”

In the accompanying photo, the rest stop looks harmless enough. But the caption makes it sound like it should come with its own SWAT team: “The Huetter rest stop along Interstate 90 has had its share of problems with sexual deviants and an anonymous source tells The Press it’s still happening.”

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Roll Call reports that Craig has agreed to give up his committee assignments. The GOP leadership says it’s temporary; I’m betting it won’t be. At this point, three Republican lawmakers, including John McCain, are calling for him to resign.