Gratuitous Self-Promotion

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Yes, I’ve been co-hosting MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program this week, and will be continuing through Friday. I’m touched that some of you — okay, ONE of you — noticed. If someone else tunes in and you’ll double the ratings!

I’m also tentatively scheduled to be on “Countdown” this evening, whose ratings don’t apparently need any help (up 87% in the past year)…

UPDATE: Hey, as long as I’m at it! If anyone has the Liddy exchange video posted, I’d love to link to it. It was rather… surreal. The whole experience has been, really. If you’re dying to see other examples of my newbie second-banana-ing, they’re here, here, and here. (I link for the videos, not the commentary, but some of it is surreal, too. For instance, my crack about Couric going to Iraq to buy rugs was a reference to the Graham/Spence/McCain marketplace stroll, not a joke about women and interior design or Mid-East stereotypes. But media critics are not known for their appreciation of topical humor. My dad really is at Burning Man, though.)

And, yes, I literally got dressed in the dark.