New York, New York

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Today must be Pile-on-New-York (and, by extension, its former Mayor) Day for Republican presidential contenders. After Mitt Romney takes after New York City (and, by extension, its former Mayor) on immigration, Fred Thompson blogs about the city’s (and, by extension, its former Mayor’s) affinity for gun control:

Anybody who knows me knows I’ve always cared deeply about the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. So I’ve always felt sort of relieved when I flew back home to where that particular civil liberty gets as much respect as the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Which brings this response from Giuliani communications director Katie Levinson:

“Those who live in New York in the real world – not on TV – know that Rudy Giuliani’s record of making the city safe for families speaks for itself. No amount of political theater will change that.”