Glass half full?

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Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, whose advocacy of limiting the U.S. mission has represented the center of the Senate’s thinking on Iraq, says the surge is showing “positive results.” Levin and ranking Republican John Warner say they are most impressed–and surprised–to hear U.S. commanders praise the progress that Iraqi forces are making in handling their own security needs.

That may be exactly the kind of reinforcement the Bush Administration is looking for in advance of the Petraeus report. But Levin also indicates the political side of the equation has been a flop.

Is this an endorsement of continuing the surge, or is Levin laying the groundwork for the argument that the time is ripe to begin a U.S. pullback? Joe, you and I are holding down the Swamp this week. What do you think?

Whatever the answer, it helps explain why Democrats are increasingly nervous as they face the September report.