Sandler Doesn’t Want Giuliani to Be Gone-y

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Hey, you know who that whole “being in New York on 9/11 makes Giuliani TEH AWESOME” logic appeals to? None other than noted political theorist Adam Sandler. The Bushes had Toby Keith, Rudy gets “Opera Man.” It all makes sense now. Especially having seen this:

Giuliani x2

WHY must you ever be gone-y

2 more months-ah

10 more weeks-ah

we have to deal with one of these geeks-ah

Giuliani x2

He-s Diplomatic-oh

Meeting leaders-oh

From all around the globe

but if you blame USA

Stick your 10million up your role

Giuliani x2

I will miss you senior Rudy

So tough but oh so sweet

The only good thing about you

Leaving we get the hookers back on the street

Here’s hoping he sings at inauguration! Wait, sorry, I meant: Kill me now.