The 9/10 Mayor

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Giuliani’s comment that he, basically, was also a 9/11 rescue worker threatens to bring back with a vengeance memories of Rudy’s pre-9/11 personality.

Immediately his pronouncement, the firefighters shot back, memorably:

“On 9/11 all he did was run. He got that soot on him, and I don’t think he’s taken a shower since.”

And today brings this shot from the current mayor’s camp:

“Quite frankly, contrary to his own belief, 9/11 is not a wholly owned subsidiary of Rudy Giuliani,” a source close to Bloomberg said.

It’s no secret that Giuliani’s continued popularity in the GOP field has befuddled pundits on the left and right alike; most have attributed it to the candidate’s constant incantation of that fateful date. Could Rudy’s self-aggrandizing “misspeak” finally provide a crack in his leadership armor? The fissure seems overdue.

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