You Can Have My Nth Generation Reconstituted Zeppelin* Ripoff When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Hands!

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In theory, I would praise any technology that would keep me from having to listen to Pearl Jam. But I suppose this goes too far.

UPDATE:Oh please. I like music, just not the fey faux heavy metal earnestness of the Pearl Jam. THE Jam, that’s a different story. And while Arcade Fire is okay, for shoe-gazing purposes I prefer the likes of Band of Horses, Iron & Wine, maybe something old school like Bettie Serveert.* We’ll put together a Swampland playlist someday.

*I can’t spell. I’ve never been able to spell. I try not to make of others’ misspellings because, really, I can’t spell. Also: Oh, man Chug-Changa-L! Those were the days! Horseless carriages! Wireless shows! Talking pictures! Has anyone checked out Gerard’s latest venture? You can take the man out of the punk rock, but you can’t take the punk out of the man…