Daily Jumble: Poll-Free Edition

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• Just because you’re paranoid… New York will release “nearly 2,000 pages of raw intelligence reports and other documents detailing the Police Department’s covert surveillance of protest groups and individual activists before the Republican National Convention in 2004.” [NYT]

• Romney says his “sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected.” There must be a special medal for that kind of courage. Citing a specific example, Romney pointed out that one of the brood “was completing a recreational vehicle tour of all 99 Iowa counties on Wednesday.” I tremble to just to think of it. Dodging cows, evading coffee klatches, surviving a stare-down with a tenderloin chop… There’s a reason they call Polk “the Baghdad of the bread basket.” Be careful out there, Josh. [AP]

• Elizabeth Edwards, oblivious to the wonders of modern medicine and self-tanner: “We can’t make John black, we can’t make him a woman.” [CIO Insight (yeah, me neither)]

• Oh, Lord, please let it be true, please, please, please.

• Conservative movie criticism, a giant fish in a small barrel, has finally found its gun: “At Libertas, every popcorn clash of Good and Evil has some relevance to the War on Terror, whether the combatants use guns, magic wands, or overgrown Hasbro dolls.” [TAP]

• Okay, I’m now starting to think this is some kind of brilliant trap. Dust that sign for Howard Wolfson’s prints!

• The Daily Show does the debates:

• And Colbert calls out the “neo-netzis” at Yearly Kos: