Daily Jumble: Jeri Thompson-Free Edition

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Just a quick run through the RSS feed…

• Biden, McCain, Tommy Thompson and Obama all line up to sit with Stewart this month. Pop quiz: Who’s had more of the contenders on more often this cycle, Stewart or Russert? Whose interviews revealed more? [AP/WTOP]

• Among likely Iowa caucus-goers, 53% of Dems are “very satisfied” with their choice of candidates. For the Rs: just 19. Time for a Paul surge! [Pollster.com]

• Jane Mayer reports on CIA interrogations’ “success” in gaining confessions: “A government official involved in the case said, ‘The fear is that K.S.M. is covering up for others, and that these people will be released.’ And Judea Pearl, Daniel’s father, said, ‘Something is fishy. There are a lot of unanswered questions. K.S.M. can say he killed Jesus—he has nothing to lose.'” [NYer]

• Great moments in Newspeak, on the topic of the new FISA legislation: “This more or less legalizes the N.S.A. program.” Eh. More or less. Whaddya gonna do? [NYT]

• “Citing a series of unanticipated disruptions to the Greyhound bus service, a red-faced and breathless Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) arrived 50 minutes after the start of the Republican presidential debates Sunday…As the broadcast ended, McCain sprinted backstage to relieve himself and fill his suit pockets with complimentary bottled water and the contents of a cheese platter.” [The Onion]

• Shorter Michael Ignatieff: “Just because I was wrong about Iraq doesn’t mean you should stop taking me seriously.” [NYT Sunday Mag]

Linked to for the sole purpose of gauging the not-so-quickening pulse of the GOP for the awesome smellingest non-candidate: “I may be completely wrong about this, but I have a sense that the Fred Thompson moment has passed.” [Powerline]

• And, lastly, since I have no fresh Comedy Central clips for you, a different kind of humor. First, Romney’s canned quip (I tend to agree with Joe as to whether this is the kind of thing that should or would help him):

And Hillary’s stirring defense of lobbyists:

Interesting that HRC would have her empathy gene activated by attacks on the mercenary and cold.

What else is up?