Morning Jumble: Chelsea-Free Edition

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Continuing with an experiment in showing you what I take away from the breakfast table:

“So the Vice President is kind of a unique creature, if you will, in that you’ve got a foot in both branches.” Well, I don’t know about unique. Cloven-hoofed joy-suckers are a dime a dozen in this town…

Finally, Ted Stevens won’t just be known as “the guy that thought the internet was a truck.” Now that was embarrassing.

Chief Justice John Roberts has a minor seizure, recovers just in time to prevent Cheney from claiming he has a “third foot.”

More news on the “gay” debate. But will McCain’s sweater participate?

The Daily Show takes on the “contempt crisis.”

I’m switching to “cheap, clean-burning opprobrium” myself.

The Big Dog says “heel”: “I don’t want to get in the middle of that whole spat Hillary and Senator Obama had, but there’s more than one way to practice diplomacy… He said all the major Democratic candidates had “a vigorous agreement on the big question, which is ‘Should we have more diplomacy?’ The answer is yes. Then you can parse their answers to the specific questions and decide who you think is right.”

You know things are bad when the pro-war blogosphere is trumpeting this bit of “good news”:

HH: Do you believe that, John Burns, that the war is lost?

JB: No, I don’t, actually. I think the war is close to lost, but I don’t think that all hope is extinguished.

All hope isn’t extinguished! Wooo-hooo! Where’s that on the “hope-o-meter”? Somewhat more hopeful than “in the midst of a sustained, bloody, humanitarian crisis” but less hopeful than “We’ll be greeted as liberators”? Let me know.
This is why you hate us, isn’t?

What are you chewing over?