Mitt: Americans Are Angry, But Don’t Want Change

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That, in essence, is what Romney said this morning to some Iowans. I guess he’s not reading those right track/wrong direction numbers too closely. I’m not sure that his observation about Americans’ anger over Iraq amounted to a “stinging assessment of the Bush administration’s handling of the conflict from a Republican candidate,” which is how the AP reporter described it. Romney said Americans are angry about the lack of progress in Iraq. Whew! Bush must be ripped! (Come to think of it, hasn’t Bush said that he’s angry about the lack of progress?)

Then Romney went on to say that just because they’re angry about Iraq doesn’t mean Americans want a Democrat in the White House. He could be right about that, of course. As the former Massachusetts governor noted, “America is not about to take a sharp left turn and put somebody in the White House who would turn America into a European-type state.”

He must be talking about the secret Clinton/Obama/Edwards compact to have the U.S. join the EU, swap the dollar for the Euro and make every American eat smelly cheese for breakfast.