E for Effort

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The Obama campaign is pushing back hard against initial reports that Obama yesterday touted his foreign policy expertise as being the best of any candidate, in either party. Obama’s people contend that the junior senator from Illinois was referring to his life experience, as someone who’s both lived overseas and had family in foreign countries. Also, as he reminded people in January, “I majored in international relations.”

No word as to whether John McCain has offered to show Obama his doctorate in Getting-the-Crap-Beat-Out-of-Me-in-Service-to-My-Country Studies, though Biden has FedExed his Senate colleague a copy of his dissertation, “ELECTED TO THE SENATE WHEN I WAS 29, BUSTER!!!!!”

The Obama campaign would also like you to know that when Obama talked about his foreign policy “judgment,” he really meant: “I was against invading Iraq.” As were literally dozens of college sophomores also majoring in international relations! So, you know, they can apply to be Secretary of State.

The real lesson here, I think, is that you didn’t need a lot of experience — or judgment, for that matter — to see that invading Iraq was going to be a total fiasco. You needed even less experience — or judgment — to do it anyway. Put another way: Any idiot could have been against the war. We happened to elect an idiot that wasn’t.

UPDATE: Clearly, no one “oversees” Swampland. Except the commenters. Thank you. Also: You’re right, I couldn’t decide about the jokes!