Odds and Ends from the FEC Reports

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Reporters scouring the second-quarter reports have come up with all kinds of tidbits, some telling and others merely entertaining.:

The Washington Post says Barack Obama has a bigger payroll than Hillary Clinton ($3.3 million for the quarter, compared with $2.6 million). But his communications guy is making only half what hers is, and his campaign manager is being paid about two-thirds what hers is getting.

Politico finds Mitt Romney spent $300 on makeup consulting, while the AP discovers $31,500 for a bash at Fenway Park.

The Dallas Morning News says Rudy Giuliani is doing well in Bush Country.

Payments to firms associated with McCain’s new campaign manager, Rick Davis, ate up 10% of the now-notorious spending that has all but sunk his campaign, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Speaking of McCain and Romney, they aren’t the only candidates who spent more than he raised. Among Democrats, the Hartford Courant reports, Biden and Dodd did, too.