Are The Dems In It to Win It?

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Our colleague Jay Newton-Small writes about the Democrats’ real agenda for tonight (besides makeovers, ghost stories and playing pictionary): Is the filibuster about dictating military policy to the President or is it about convincing their GOP colleagues that they’re on the losing side of history?

Levin cites a different historical precedent: how growing Republican opposition to the Vietnam, not any Congressional action, is what ultimately turned President Richard Nixon. “I believe this has to happen now as more and more Republicans actually believe we have to change course and will walk into the (Oval Office) and say we no longer support your policies,” Levin said.

So, while Democrats make a show tonight of unfolding cots to nap and debate through the night, it is important to remember that they are doing this more to convince their Republican colleagues to sway Bush, rather than out of any real desire to inherit the war themselves.

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