The Velcro Campaign

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The McCain campaign has entered that phase when any small piece of negative speculation will stick and every misstep will be magnified. For instance, the NYT reports that yesterday’s conference call with donors by McCain was done from the Senate cloakroom. This is itself is not illegal, but it edges into the gray area of the law that prohibits the solicitation of funds from government property. And it definitely doesn’t look good from the man who led calls for an “independent prosecutor to investigate accusations of violations of the same rules by Vice President Al Gore.”

Speaking of solicitation, the McCainiacs also managed to find the one conservative Christian perv who isn’t on the Giuliani payroll:

Allen [Florida co-chair of the McCain campaign] was considered to be acting suspicious by police as he entered and exited the men’s room three times, according to a Titusville Police report. Moments later, he approached the plainclothes officer and offered to perform oral sex for $20, police said.

The campaign does, however, vigorously deny the whole “gay sweater” thing.