Trade: Not Actually as Hard as You’d Think!

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My fiendish plan worked! Justin has stepped in to explain a bit about the Dems and trade policy:

In general, I don’t think the Dem candidates are really all that anti-trade. I certainly haven’t heard them talk about rolling back existing trade agreements or picking Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown as a running mate (although I’ll admit, I haven’t been watching their forums and debates). They do all want to be seen shaking their fists at China, and yesterday the FT reported (see, told you the financial media cares about this stuff) that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have joined the ranks lining up behind the bipartisan Senate plan to spank China for manipulating its currency. As I’ve written before, China has lots of perfectly decent reasons to link its currency to the dollar. What we should probably be spanking it for is sending us lead-coated toys and toxic catfish, pirating American intellectual property and repressing dissent.* But, as Ana might say, that would be hard.

*And killing puppies.

I actually don’t understand why it would be hard for Dems to base their stand against China trade based on a pro-puppy/free speech argument. Who doesn’t like puppies and free speech? Besides Cheney, I mean.