Hair Today

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Okay, I’ll take the bait: Surely, John Solomon has better things to do with his time besides listening to a hairdresser scorned. (Oh, and if you like Torrenueva’s work, I have a feeling he’ll have a lot of openings in his schedule very, very soon.)

And, for what it’s worth, the story is not the worst hair-related judgment call the Post reported on today:

The haircut quality, the stylists say, is rock-solid: “Whether I’m paid $12 or $90, the cut still has my name on it. I’m going to do my best work,” says Chauvet, who has no more than an occasional beer while cutting hair. Suddenly a waitress trips over the blow-dryer cord, someone drops a glass in the background, and a tipsy patron knocks against Chauvet’s current customer. “Then again, we’re cutting hair in a bar.”