Romney Frightens Self into Giving Self More of Self’s Money

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I guess sometimes it really is just best to face your fears:

The revelation of another check from Romney came as a surprise, as Romney had declared at a similar fund-raising event in Boston in January that it would be “akin to a nightmare” if he were forced to self-fund his campaign. His campaign later revealed that at the time Romney said that, he had already loaned himself the $2.4 million.

More Romney nightmares: fluffy beds, sunbeams, changing his mind, bunny rabbits and other assorted small varmints.

To be far, this is a man who has already conquered the nightmare of skiing past the sandbar:

You know, I don’t remember when it was exactly when I went beyond the sandbar… For the first 40 feet or so, the lake is shallow, warm, and protected from the big waves by a sandbar…One day, my brother…drove the boat – and me – straight out into the deep.. I screamed the whole terrifying ride.

So giving money to himself, you know, that’s cake.