Iraq Study Group: Eh. Dummy Pipe: Yay!

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Now I understand what Michael Grunwald meant in his cover story by “partisanship-on-crack“: Thomas Ravenel.

UPDATE: I’m flattered to be asked what I think this means for Giuliani. As witnessed by my puzzlement over the popularity of the Clinton/Sopranos video, I’m not sure how reliable my insights are into the behavior of the voting public — heck, I never would have predicted Giuliani would even get this far. If the GOP base is okay with Rudy as an abortion-providing, gay-loving, gun-confiscating, adultery-committing, ferret-hating disciplinarian (because he’s a disciplinarian!), what about the ISG incident is supposed to turn them off, exactly? That he skipped meetings about Iraq to squeeze millions out of 9/11 nostalgia? That he apparently showed no interest in helping to solve the most important foreign policy puzzle of our time? HE WALKED THROUGH THE RUBBLE, DARNIT. How many times do we have to show you him looking brave and dusty before you stop ASKING QUESTIONS????? TEH 9/11! TEH 9/11!!!!

Personally, I think they kicked him off the ISG after it became clear that his only proposal for peace in Iraq was to ban squeegee men.