Bloomberg and Schwarzenegger: Dynamic Duo

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Sick of Washington’s inability to get anything done? So are a lot of governors and mayors across the country. Two of the them in particular, New York’s mayor and California’s governor, are doing big things on big issues that Washington can’t seem to tackle. Bloomberg and Schwarzenegger are the cover subjects of the new issue of the print TIME, written by Michael Grunwald. Check it out.

UPDATE: Some commenters are complaining that Time is highlighting two Republicans rather than Democrats with this story. One suggests that we’re giving credit to Republicans for doing something about global warming when we should be giving credit to Al Gore. Hmmm. Did everyone miss our Al Gore cover story and book excerpt? It was a month ago:


Reader Jake Gittes complains: “Pimping Republicans on the cover of Time? What a shocker.” I guess that means the Gore cover was, what, fair and balanced?