That lukasiak feller just told us why we lose presidentials

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Mr. Lukasiak…thanks for providing the perfect example of why Democrats lose national elections. Concerning your description of the south, that is “intolerance” personified, and since your Mama obviously forgot to tell you, I will. It is immoral to stereotype any group of people. I thought as Democrats we didn’t characterize people by color, gender, sexual preference, or geography. As far as not needing the rural South or rural heartland, please pass that message along to Presidents Gore and Kerry. 34% of the electoral votes are now from the South…by 2020, it will be 40%. Thanks for providing an example of how mathematically-challenged the “abandon the South” strategy is. As far as pandering, is it pandering to tell working and middle-class Americans in the rural South and the heartland that the reason their children, jobs, healthcare, and dreams are leaving is that Republicans are in lockstep with the big, bad boys who did this to us? And in 2008, the truth will sell.