Anti-Blogger? Anti-Urban? Racist?

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To those of you out there who have called me these names and more, here is my response:

1.-Nowhere in my first post did I say I was “anti-blogging”. Quite to the contrary, I said to bloggers who want to take the Democratic Party back into the big tent, “God bless you and thank you.” I was quoted saying after the Webb election that the “bloggers” led the way. As Casey Stengel said, “You can look it up.” The problem I’ve got is I’m “anti-losing” and don’t like a small group of intolerant, intellectually-elites continuously trying to shape the “Big Tent” into a “Pup Tent”. The blogs are the Democratic Party’s greatest source of power and unity. Why would I am be anti-blogging? In other words, I wasn’t talking to all of you. Just some of you.

2.-Where in my post did I say I was anti-urban? I was on Carlson with Sharpton before the SC Democratic debate and said clearly (Sharpton agreed) that the problems of Urban America and Rural America are mirror images of each other, and the problem is that few candidates will talk about our common ground of economic unfairness and disparity. I believe that if we articulate these similarities properly, it will not only drive votes but pull us together as a party and as a people. And all the votes will be “two-fors”. We’ll take one away from the Republicans and give one to us. And with margins so slim, simple arithmetic tells you that it doesn’t take many. We don’t need all the votes, just a few more.

3.-As far as being called “racist”, I hate racism and the tarnish those vile bastards have put on my culture. I am a southerner with a strong history of being “anti-racist”. My faith drives me much harder than any issue, and that faith tells me that we’re all God’s children.

As far as being a “conservative” blogger, here is my answer to that. If you set aside the gun issue, I could hardly be called “right-wing”.