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Hillary’s Right

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We are safer…when it comes to homeland security, which is all she was saying in the debate on Sunday night. She’s had plenty to say–and very well-informed stuff at that–about the depredations of the Bush Administration’s so-called War on Terror overseas.

In fact, Giuliani pretty much made Clinton’s point in the Republican debate last night when he talked about the success we’ve had lately in busting up the Fort Dix and JFK Airport plots. But then Rudy went neo-ballistic about how the Democrats are wusses because they don’t believe…It’s WAR. Memo to Rudy: It’s not war. It’s a disease we’re fighting, a cancer-based epilepsy (to mix and mangle medical metaphors). If we treat it correctly, we’ll prevent most future outbreaks (Fort Dix and JFK) but have to deal with occasional grand mal seizures (London, Madrid). Stupidities like the war in Iraq produce untold numbers of new cancer cells. Giuliani knows a fair amount about the homeland security part of the equation–that’s why he recommended Bernie Kerik for the job (that’s a joke, by the way)–but I don’t how much, if anything, he understands about the military part of the equation, how the war in Iraq works, the impact it’s had on our military and so forth.

Note to Wingnut Commenters: Like most people–and all the Democrats with the exception of Kucinich–I support covert operations, including the use of lethal force, against Al Qaeda anywhere in the world (including Pakistan, by the way). To take my cancer analogy another step, I consider it chemotherapy. Just no more of these ancient paradigm General Patton-like operations, ok?