She is No Moderate…

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There is an old joke about how every morning there are 100 U.S. Senators who wake up in the morning and look in the mirror at the person who they think should be president. I’m not saying it is funny, but it has a certain resonance these days. When it comes to the presidential candidates of either party, I’m reminded of what Shania Twain has to say, “they don’t impress me much.”

I believe Senator Clinton stands the best chance of capturing the nomination of her party. Some Republicans openly advocate it on the assumption that because she is such a polarizing figure it will be easier for a Republican to win. Be careful of what you ask for. Clinton is an able politician who not only carried New York City, but also won convincingly in rural and upstate areas of New York. If you doubt her skills, I refer you to the exchange last night during the candidate debate on “hypothetical situations.” She commanded the stage and left the other fellows with their heads spinning as they wondered why she beat them to the punch. Mayor Guiliani had a similar moment last month in South Carolina during the Republican candidate debate.

Clinton may have appeared moderate on the stage last night among liberal candidates, folks who favor importing European style social and economic systems to the United States, but she is no moderate.