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Careful, Dick!

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This kind of stuff may work at CPAC rallies, but not here:

On the Democratic side, we see an abundance demagoguery and proposals for the largest expansion of government since the 1930’s and 1970’s, with socialized health care and severe regulation of the economy, especially the energy sector. Great for sound bites, but a complete disregard for fundamental economic principles.

[Emphasis mine]

Socialized medicine is a right-wing scare trope. None of the Democrats is proposing that. None of them is even proposing a “single-payer” plan, like Canada, where the government collects the premiums and people get to choose private providers. And now that we’re at a point where much of corporate America is hoping for some relief from the burden of providing health insurance, ain’t this kind of red-baiting getting a little old?

As for regulation of energy sector, you mean, like, higher mileage standards and a carbon tax to discourage the use of foreign oil? Isn’t that a matter of national security? Is there any point, in time of crisis, when it’s ok for government to put a tax on things that are bad for us (say, dependence on foreign oil) and remove taxes on things that are good for us (a tax credit for buying cars that get, say, 40mpg or more)?

Aside from that, welcome to Swampland.