Popping the Question?

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The White House just released a transcript of this morning’s press briefing with departing WH staffer Dan Bartlett. Pretty standard stuff (loves the President, not escaping the Titanic, family family family) but this struck me as a, well, odd analogy:

Q Did you take into consideration at all in your decision the status the administration is in right now, the difficulties with Congress and the issues? Was that any bearing on your thinking?

MR. BARTLETT: Well, one thing I’ve learned working in the White House for as long as I have is that you can never pick a moment — it’s kind of like when maybe some of my fellow male colleagues who are struggling for that right moment to pop the question. You’ve just got to do it. You can’t predict — you can’t say there’s a perfect moment or not. You just — you can try to plan it, you can try to do this, but in the end, you’ve got to go with your gut and your instinct. And my instinct told me this was the right time.

If I were his wife, I think that would make me think he’s spent too much time on the job, too.