More Fun with the Immigration Debate

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Okay, I’m now totally into the immigration meltdown mania, especially since — in addition to amnesty burgers — the immigration foes are also offering a dead rat with a string to swing it on:

Here’s the rub as to why people are so angry. The critical Border Security provisions that must be enacted before we jump ahead to the semi-amnesty program call for “370 miles of additional border fence.” As Daffyd points out, the term “fence” in this context is a relatively vague one. Honestly, we don’t know if “fence” means the kind of barrier that holds prisoners in a maximum security detention facility or the kind of thing that Tom Sawyer got his pals to paint for him.

I had no idea Congress could even get away with this. Screw it, let’s just put up some twigs and twine and call it done. It all depends on what the definition of “fence” is, right? Good thing someone made a model.