Today on the Trail: We’ll Sign Up When They Sign Down

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Today on the Trail is a compendium of notable campaign events. It is pulled together by the faceless Swampland Intern in exchange for scraps of bread.

Almost-candidate Chuck Hagel discusses “America’s Role In The World” at the Center for National Policy in Washington.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards & Bill Richardson meet with the executives of the American Federation of Teachers to answer questions culled from the membership.

Joe Biden has his AFL-CIO town hall in Opa Locka, Fla. (Video from Obama’s similar event on Monday is here.)

Mitt Romney “Signs Up America” in Boston, Mass.

And this morning, John McCain went to breakfast fundraiser hosted by Henry Kravis, again, attendees had to have raised $9200. Those who hoped to get a glimpse of Kravis’s lavish apartment (satirized in “Bonfire of the Vanities”), however, were disappointed: The breakfast was at the office.