Falwell, R.I.P.

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Condolences to the many whose lives he touched, I hope they will not be too offended by a small bit of “news analysis” related his passing: Already the guy filling in for Rush predicts that the “loony liberal left” will use his death to proclaim the “end of the Religious Right.” That may happen, but the first instance of “politicization” of his death will, of course, be tonight, when every candidate will have to say something profound about the inventor of the “moral majority.”

This debate was going to be all about social conservatism before today, now the focus will likely be even sharper. None of the frontrunners are especially nimble on this subject (and by this I mean Giuliani and McCain and… Thompson); should be interesting.

UPDATE: Commenter Bo234 is more insightful than I was: “Actually, the first politicization of his death was by the guy filling in for Rush who couldn’t wait to bash the “loony liberal left” for something they haven’t even done.” Good point.