Today on the Trail: Alphabet Soup

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Today on the Trail is a guide to notable campaign events. It is temporarily being compiled by a nameless clog* cog in the corporate machine.

Judy and Lew Eisenberg host a fundraiser in Rumson, N.J. for John McCain. Guests must have bundled at least $9200 to attend. For those keeping track, that’s four times the individual maximum primary donation set by… what’s the name of that law again? Something-Feingold? Also of interest: The Eisenbergs (Lew is on the campaign finance** committee) are famous in Republican circles for being “RINOs” — Republicans in name only. They’re pro-choice and have given money in the past to likes of Chris Dodd and Joe Biden (and Joe Lieberman, if that counts). Should make for interesting cocktail chatter.

There’s an AFL-CIO town hall with Barack Obama in Trenton, N.J. (Clinton and Biden both have similar sessions scheduled, John Edwards has already done one.)

If you hurry, you can hit Hillary Clinton’s lunchtime rally in Albany, N.Y.

Bill Richardson attends a town hall meeting with the employees of Google in Mountain View, CA. (I hear they have a great cafeteria!)

Sam Brownback campaigns in South Carolina and, tonight, will attend the SCGOP’s Silver Elephant dinner (with special guest speaker Sean Hannity). Huckabee will also make the scene (and if you see him scarfing carbs, it’s ok: he ran in a 5K this morning). The low candidate turnout may have something to do with the dinner being divorced from the SCGOP’s debate tomorrow night. The two events used be held in tandem: dinner, followed by the debate. Swamp Intern was told that this situation made for an especially lively (i.e., drunken) audience; during the 2000 debate, people threw dinner rolls at the stage.

* Thanks for the spell-check!
** Ditto. Oops.