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That’s Hagelian!

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I’ve always had this sneaking suspicion that John Kerry asked the wrong Republican to join his ticket in 2004, that Chuck Hagel would have said yes, that a Kerry-Hagel ticket would have won. Now we have Hagel hinting at a 3rd party run. So, with apologies to, uh, Hegel:

Thesis–That Chuck Hagel is a terrific national resource, a decorated veteran of Vietnam who has taken a courageous path away from his party on Iraq…and who really understands national security and foreign policy.

Antithesis–That Third Party talk is futile, especially if you don’t have a fortune like Perot’s or Bloomie’s, which Hagel doesn’t.

Synthesis–An Obama-Hagel ticket. (Or a pick-your-democrat -Hagel ticket)

Note to Candidates: As Tom Schaller has suggested in the past: Announce it before the primaries, if you can.

Update: Anonymous Commenter raises a good point…

Why would a Democrat want to run with a Republican on the same ticket when instead, the Democrat could run with ANOTHER Democrat (amazing idea!) and still win.

My answer: To win bigger and to have a better chance of governing successfully. As Bush has proved, you can only govern this country successfully from the center. (My guess is that a multilateral foreign policy, universal health insurance and an aggressive energy independence plan are all “liberal” ideas that will be perceived as centrist in 2008).
Hagel would add needed foreign policy and, especially, military experience to any Democratic nominee. He would especially help Obama, fitting neatly into Obama’s theme of national reconciliation. Which we need desperately after the hyperpartisanship of the Bush White House.