Blogger/MSM Love

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I have no idea what Matt is talking about here, but I just happened to run into Karen and “the good Klein” downstairs last night and a good time was had by all.

UPDATE: No, seriously, a good time was had.

UPDATE THE SECOND: The point of this post, fyi, was to link to Matt’s comments about the MSMers who are excited about new media versus those who are scared — the distinction definitely exists and I run across members of both groups every day. The secondary point was to illustrate how my friend Karen is most definitely a member in good standing of the former. Anyone who’s followed this blog knows she’s embraced the medium with as much gusto as Joe and with an element of grace that’s rare and that I truly admire. Blogger types I run into tell me all the time how impressed they are with how the “beltway elite” here on Swampland have genuinely engaged and gotten savvy about what’s different and new and exciting (and sometimes scary) about the blogosphere. I’m impressed with that as well, and it makes me genuinely optimistic (and excited) about steering this enormous, storied institution into the new era.

If they don’t kick me off first.