Jay v. Elizabeth Edwards

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The highlight of last night’s Time 100 party, for me: “Jay, there’s someone over here that wants to talk to you…Elizabeth, here’s Jay.”

I still have a job this morning, so I think it went okay, though there was a moment when Mrs. Edwards told Jay she would like to punch him.* I believe MSNBC’s Tammy Haddad took a picture.

I’ll let Jay do his own first person account, if he likes. She was gracious, he was humble. I was the one who jumped in to say that Mrs. Edwards had every right to judge Jay, since he judged her. And then we all laughed.

Highlight of the evening: Telling Tina Fey what a huge fan I am of the running joke on “30 Rock” that the Alec Baldwin character is dating Maureen Dowd. Huge fan of her (Tina) and the show in general.

*I should make very clear that the punching thing was in jest and that Mrs. Edwards and Jay have known each other for many years. They made charming small talk while I mentally updated my resume.

UPDATE: Hardblogger with the TKO…