McCain’s Relaunch: Quick First Reaction

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The press corps was not impressed, but I think the crowd was slightly more so. I predict many stories will incorporate the truly grim* weather as a symbol for McCain’s stolid cadences and generally flat aspect. There was even a slight break in the clouds at the end of the speech — where McCain got cheers from the veteran-friendly crowd for invoking his military service — for those looking to inject a ray of optimism into their coverage.

I’ll go a different metaphorical route: The music. We arrived to hear the musty riffs of “Johnny B. Goode,” Kerry’s old theme. Then they rolled out “The Fightin’ Side of Me,” an anti-protester song about a war we lost thirty years ago by a musician (Merle Haggard) who has become an outspoken critic of the surge. And McCain entered accompanied by the strains of “Beautiful Day,” which is not just a song closely associated by Gore, but also manifestly not true.

More to come.

*UPDATE: It was warm enough, but overcast and hazy. It was downtempo weather that fit the air of dutifulness which surrounded the event.