Tillman Hearing: A Very Well Sourced Live-Blog

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A quick tour of the news channels shows CNN reporting on the supplemental, MSNBC on Cho’s escort service dealings and Fox looking at border regulation. No one is currently reporting on the hearing regarding Pat Tillman’s “friendly fire” death in Afghanistan (remember that war?). If journalism is the first draft of history, Congressional hearings are the ugly marked-up graded copies. There’s been testimony from Tillman’s family and from Jessica Lynch, who put it rather eloquently:

“I had the good fortune and the opportunity to come home and tell the truth. Many soldiers like Pat Tillman did not have that opportunity. The truth of war is not always easy. The truth is always more heroic than the hype.”

You can watch the grim proceedings here.

TANGENTIALLY RELATED: Wonkette scores a fascinating and hilarious commentish interview-thingee with the Marine who kept score at Gonzales’s hearing last week. His endearing autobiographical sketch is available here, at Iraq Veterans Against the War. He is apparently still looking for “plus one” to the Make Hip-Hop Not War concert in Baltimore tonight, btw.