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RE: Kos

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In my column this week I reported that Kos had bashed Barack Obama for his position on Iraq war funding. Obama said he was opposed to adding a withdrawal timetable, or deadline, to the next funding bill the Democrats send Bush after he vetoes the current legislation. Kos accused Obama of surrendering. In a subsequent interview with Associated Press, Obama maintained his position, but added that he might be in favor “of putting Bush on a short leash”–i.e. sending up a funding bill that Bush might sign–that is, one without a timetable–but with a shorter timespan.

It was chronologically incorrent for me to make it seem that Kos was responding to the “shorter leash” comment, but substantively correct. My description of the difference between Obama and Kos was accurate. Let me repeat the main point: Obama favors a “clean” bill, perhaps of shorter duration. Kos is opposed, vehemently, to that position–he wants the Democrats to dig in their heels and send the President another bill with a timetable and end date.

In retrospect, I wish I’d written the words “Obama later said” near the “short leash” quote, but that doesn’t change the basic accuracy of the column–and the various attempts to divert from the main point

Obama: for clean bill
Kos: against

are diversions away from the important discussion about Iraq funding that should be taking place now.

Etiquette: Here’s the Daily Kos response by Kagro X.