C-SPANNED: Gonzales Hearing, Part 2

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I’m not going to attempt to live-blog, as I can’t possibly keep up with all the spectacular senatorial fury that’s being laid down on Alberto (who now looks like he’s passing a kidney stone).

But I’ll try to drop in for highlights. Favorite so far: Specter makes a snarky remark about how, “I know you’ve prepared thoroughly for this hearing.”

AG [snippily, interrupting]: “I prepare for every hearing.”

Specter [huffing, shouting a bit]: “Do you prepare for press conferences?

AG [primly]: “I always try to be prepared.”

Specter: “Were you prepared for the press conference where you said you were never present for any deliberations?”

And… scene.

At the moment, after a few moments of hectoring from Specter (“Were you involved in the process?” “I was aware there was a process.” “Were you involved in it?!”), he seems on the verge of tears.

UPDATE: A Swampland operative notes that Gonzales seems surprised that Specter is going after him… which means that he clearly is not prepared, as Specter hasn’t been exactly shy with his doubts.

UPDATE: Kennedy went straight to the biggest hole in Gonzales’ “I wasn’t involved” excuse:”How can you give us those assurances [that the USAs were fired for performance reasons] since you weren’t involved in the process?”

Also, I haven’t heard people speak so reverently about a mysterious “process” since “The Spanish Prisoner.”