More Than a Handful Is Too Much?

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Dana Perino told reporters only a “handful” of WH staffers had RNC “” addresses. She later amended that to a “big handful.”

The Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington now says that the “Bush White House has lost over FIVE MILLION e-mails in a two year period.” Insert “you know what they say about big hands” joke here.* I suppose there must be some other explanation for W’s foreign policy approach…

*Which is, of course, that men with big hands are clumsy diplomats and tend to get bogged down in ultraviolent civil wars. Kissinger was notorious for this.

UPDATE: James asks, “Are you prohibited from linking to Josh?” Nah. Neither is Jay — we’ve both done so in the past. I was just following the original source for the millions news. And it seems like you all always know this stuff already anyway. In any case: Muckraker summarizes here.