March of Follies

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The Washington Post today is a feast for those who believe that the now-infamous neo-conservatives who brought us to ruin in Iraq deserve comeuppance, if not something far more grave. Cheney was — and still is — the godfather of the push for war, but his team of enablers included, of course, his former chief of staff (and current convict-pending-appeal) Scooter Libby, as well as both Paul Wolfowitz and Doug Feith, late of the Pentagon. All make ignoble appearances today in the WP: Feith and Libby (and Cheney) in the Jeffrey Smith story about the exaggerated links between Al Qaeda and Saddam’s regime, in which Feith’s reputation somehow manages to sink lower. Then Al Kamen tells us at unusual (for him) and satisfying (for us) length about the outrage generated by the revelation that Wolfowitz’ paramour, Shaha Riza, managed to snag an unprecedented (and apparently illegitimate) salary boost when she was detailed from her position at the World Bank, which Wolfowitz heads, to a job at the State Department. Read and weep.