Gang of 499

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Ask not for whom The Note tolls, it tolls for thee:

Meanwhile, right after Halperin announced his resignation as director of ABC’s political unit and handed over stewardship of The Note, it went on hiatus, with a stripped-down “Mini-Note” taking its place online. “The Note is undergoing some changes,” read the vague ABC notice posted last week, which promised the return of a full-length Note. Gone for now are Halperin’s trademark long doses of daily spin wrapped around the day’s must-read articles and essays. Instead, The Mini-Note simply links to a laundry list of articles….Whether intentional or not, the turn of events at The Note provides ABC News executives the perfect opportunity to save The Note from itself. If they are smart, ABC bosses will keep Halperin’s original model of a one-stop, must-read daily catalog of political articles, while stripping away the increasingly corrosive and damaging baggage that the former director had accumulated and tied around The Note like an anchor.

Or: Live by the CW, die by the CW. Something. Oh, Note, how we will miss decoding you!